How Find Popular Keywords To Beat Competitors

By | December 29, 2017

Find Popular Keywords To Beat Competitors: Making an article on a blog that has been written for the first time to get a page position in google search engine is very difficult to achieve for now. Because it takes effort and smart work in trying so why? You have to learn basic seo for beginners , search popular keywords according to the niche blog you want to create and by having a targeted keyword has a high paying potential (high paying keywords) and is expected to also understand in the search for article title nangkring first page google (SERP).

While you are thinking to compete when you get popular keywords or expect adsense revenue try to research high paying keywords to make the title of the article has a competitive edge for blogs. We must pay attention to the keywords to be used should pay attention to onpage seo optimization and seo offpage optimization .

To beat your blog competitors there we have to pay attention to the laying of keywords is one of them. Because that will be your foundation in the competition arena. And in searching for tips on getting popular keywords on google adwords as well as through the free ubersuggest site made by Neil Pattel is very important to get / find popular keywords and also the type of hpk (high paying keyword) is very strong, last long and not only that increase the desired cpc value portion. Making our popular and interesting keywords will know how strong your competitors are and face them because they are ready to beat you.

Find Popular Keywords

Points of Important Points Getting / Find Popular Keywords To Face Other Blog Competitors

#. Getting Article Title That Has Been Researched
Conduct analysis and research on the title of the article you will review to find out how far your competitors to beat because this will improve the performance of posts.

#. Plugging Seo Stance In The Post
Why use all the moves? Of course in terms of applying seo articles you have to plug in popular keywords with the level of density (Keyword Density) in the posts ranging from 3-5% because this will allow the google robots to crawl every sentence in the article. Adequate keywords but do not repeat keywords in the post will be able to compete with other competitor keywords.

#. Permalink Articles
As a blogger who will make a post, you should pay attention to changes in article links or permalink. By applying the post link editing will direct the main keyword that describes the contents of the article. For more details this is how to change the article permalink on the blog .

#. Allocate Keywords In Description Search
The existence of a blog in applying popular keywords in order to have competitiveness in other competitors attempted to mix and match the keyword is descripted when the google crawl will browse the entire contents of the blog you create and the optimization will be well managed in a blog competition on the first page of search engines (SERP).

Similarly an article on How Find Popular Keywords To Beat Competitors . Hopefully useful and for the umpteenth time thank you for visiting.

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