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By | December 1, 2017

How to Measure SEO Blog Score – In the following articles fiberblog will review how to measure seo score blog or website. Of course a lot of tools to find out how far a blog has a good seo score. By using seo page testing we will know the score of each page based on the optimization level of the title tag, meta description tag and keyword meta tag as well as checking the server header. Each site clearly has different criteria in determining a good site or not SEO. From various sites tools, is a free and online site that can be used to determine the seo blog score because it is very popular among blogger India. How this site works simply by entering the blog url address or blog url url link in the provided url column.

How to Measure SEO Blog Score

Measure Your Measure SEO Blog Score Easily

If you create a blog and then follow the suggestion, then you can be sure your SEO blog score reaches 100% and to get SEO score with perfect the site gives the following categories:

  • Try title title blog optimized well and there is tag 1 on H1 on your blog. In this H1 determine the shooting of keywords that make the robot crawl google read well.
  • On the home page page, H1 refers to the blog title, while the post title is on H2 / H3, but not more than 1.
  • Do not forget to include meta description on every post page.
  • Do not use iFrame / Flash / Frame blogs because this reduces the site’s SEO score score.
  • Do not forget to give a description of the image both the image name and the alterate image link.
  • CHKME does not set the title as a blog blog SEO benchmark, it is only recommended to specify the title on each page link.
But whether after we take advantage of this site to find the SEO blog score, that the article will occupy every page of the first google search engine, not necessarily comrade !. One of the strengths to put the article on the first page of Google (SERP) is located on Seo Onpage and many more supporters such as blog age, backlinks, competitor strength and so on.
To try How to find out your SEO blog score please visit  and see the results. And need to be reminded this only shows the value of Onpage SEO yes.
So how to measure SEO blog score. May be useful.

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