Website Ranking Factor Survey on Google for Offline Businesses in 2017

After one year did not release the survey results, this time re-issued the results of the survey in 2017 with 40 local search experts.

In local search 2017 links and reviews are a big part, this is one of many conclusions generated by more than 36 local SEOs that joined in 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors survey .

Although reviews and links are deemed to be more important, Citations is then perceived as losing roles. Still important Citations? Yes, the use of Citations has decreased (compared to links) and can be seen, there is an increased focus on quality over quantity ”

This are the Ranking Factor Survey on Google for Offline Businesses in 2017

Here are the factors that affect Google’s ranking for local searches (eg “fried noodles in Thane”)

For you who are new to the term SEO, must be dizzy, here I describe a little yes:

Citations For Google Local SEO Ranking

What is citations for local SEO ranking?

Citation is an online reference to your offline business, it can be your business name, address and phone number (commonly abbreviated as NAP: Name, Address, Phone), Google uses it to evaluate the autorithy of your business. However unlike the usual links, citations do not need to link to your website for you get credit. So having NAP in plain text also does not matter.

Easy example, to strengthen the location of chicken noodle restaurant Mr. Pudjo, located on the express highway road, panch pakadi thane, then I will ask a roasted chicken restaurant thane close to me to review my food and put the name of chicken noodle brand and address on the website.

My NAP must also match with Google + local page. When building a local citation, it should be 100% consistent: do not shorten it, the address should be consistent writing (ruko number? Floor number) phone number? +62? use of spaces in hp or “-”

Behavioral Factors For Google Local SEO Ranking

While behavioral is: click-through rate, mobile clicks to call, check-ins, mobile click to direction. Easy is from 100 searching for keywords that are relevant to your business, how many click your listings, whether in the form of looking for directions or calling or checking in.

Guide from Google For Website Teranking Good in Local SEO

Google now offers some important info regarding ranking factors in Google My Business , focusing on relevance, distance and prominence.


Relevance means how well the local listing matches what people are looking for. Adding complete and detailed business information can help Google better understand your business and match your listing with relevant searches.

Distance (Distance)

How far is the searcher from the location he is looking for? If the search terms used do not mention the location, then Google uses the location where the searcher is located.

Prominence (How Prominent / Famous?)

Prominence is how well known a business is. Some locations are very famous such as landmarks: HI roundabouts, Monas, luxury hotels and old age, Big malls, will usually stand out in local search results.

Prominence is also based on information Google gets from websites (links, articles, directories). The number of Google reviews and scores also has a factor: the more reviews and the higher the score also has an effect. Position your website in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) as well.

Google also states that there is no way to request or pay for your business to have a better local ranking. Google also makes this confidential factor algorithm to make the system rankings fair for everyone.

How to Use Google Keyword Planner For New Adwords Account

Google keyword planner is widely used to validate the existing demand in the online world, specific to Google search engine. Google keyword planner is widely used online sellers, resellers, dropshipper to find the right keywords, including to choose keywords that will be used on your website be it home, product category, product detail or blogpost (article, category).

Recently I found it difficult to teach how to check search volume search for certain search terms using Google Keyword Planner. The difficulty is the new user as if “forced” to put an ad first before using the Google Keyword planner tool.

Where it turns out you can bypass it by selecting the manual transfer method and money transfer. Here is the sequence of steps.

How to Use Google Keyword Planner For New Adwords Account

Here is the Proper Way to Use Google Keyword Planner For New Adwords Account

1. Starting from googling: Google Keyword Planner

2. Next email content, website ..

3. Next you have to fill in the requested fields, the contents of origin only everything, vent also be allowed.

4. Next is the payment information, well if you just want to use Google Keyword Planner only (there is no real plan using adwords), then you must:

5. Fill in your address.

6. Change the payment method to money transfer.

Notes: If you really want to use Adwords and install a budget (not just check the search volume) then you can choose the payment method credit card or money transfer as you want.

7. Change how to pay to Manual Payment. (for example if you just want to use Google keyword planner)

8. At the bottom there is an agree with terms checkbox

9. Next transaction command. Press complete.

10. Your AdWords account is already available, click go to your account

11. Now you can use Google Keyword Planner

How to Get Subscribers for Your Online Mail List Store

If you want to build a sustainable online business, you must: Make lots of content so organic traffic from high SEO – sometimes takes 1-3 years depending on your budget. Basic SEO knowledge is required here.

High organic traffic means you get consistent leads. Collect emails from leads that come, do not let them go away.


This is where the importance of your learning email marketing and Get Subscribers for Your Online Mail List Store.

One of the hearts of any online store is the ability of an online store to approach and gain loyal customers, who will go back to shopping at your online store. And now, there are many ways to get consumers interested in your offer and shop again at your online store. But in many ways, it is best to collect consumer email addresses.

By doing so, you can get a channel / direct relationship with your customers. You can turn your ordinary consumer into a loyal customer in your store.

There is the fact that very few online stores are trying to collect consumer emails, and even fewer number of online stores are emailing their online shop offerings to consumers. And, in this post, you’ll know how important it is to maximize the functionality of a consumer email address for the development of your online store.
Use 3rd Party Party Email Provider

First of all, if you want to collect and send emails to thousands of people / consumers, you need a third party to run this email marketing.

Emailing consumers occasionally right from your own server is not a mistake, but when you have to send thousands of emails to multiple customers, it will have a terrible effect on your email address.

Email marketing providers such as MailChimp or Aweber, have hundreds of servers that ensure your email is spared from spam and can be sent / received with the time settings you want. One more, this service also offers key tools useful for organizing and managing all registered subscribers’ emails. Do not hesitate to try this kind of service, let’s be a professional.

One of the most important and crucial thing in finding a way to get consumer email address is during check-out process. If consumers have an interest in buying something from your online store then they will usually come back to you again, so it’s important for your online store to have their contact information, especially email addresses.

Many online store owners make mistakes, by simply collecting consumer emails from those who create accounts in their online store. But you should also have opt-in newsletters for non-registered client (non-registered cutomer) customers.

Also, make sure if the email address you have collected can be properly channeled directly to your email provider, so not only be your shopping cart database. Most shopping carts (including PrestaShop) offer built-in integration with popular email marketing services like MailChimp.

Use a Title that becomes a Consumer Consumer’s Magnet

In general, most people are lazy enough to register their email address into the newsletter / mailing list of an online store, unless they can get something from there. So, you need to have an interesting newsletter display and offerings so that onsumen wants to register their emails, you can do so by giving them special incentives as well as things that magnet their attention.

For an online store, you can try offering free e-books on how to make crafts or develop artistic creativity through the products you sell, provided that consumers must sign-up first.

Free giveaway like this not only offers values ​​for your online store, but it also makes consumers aware of new ideas from your product, which makes them tetrarik and shop again in your online store in the future. You can also try offering discount coupons, as a code for consumers to register their mail on the mailing list. It’s also an exclusive and special offer form for them.

Do not be Afraid to Try Pop-Up Forms

Many people also think if adding pop-up forms on their online store site will disrupt their visitors / consumers. But the facts found are some people who are anti with pop-ups are those who have never tried this form at all in their online store. In fact, pop-ups like this one of the best options display ad sign-up form for an online store, and quite a lot of consumers who register through this. Here’s how the look / picture of a pop-up should be.

While you may be at odds with this idea, it is still highly recommended for you to try it out; just once, so you can really know the outcome. If you’re worried about consumer disruption, try starting with adding pop-up forms from your content pages.

For example, try starting by entering a pop-up form into your blog and see how the pop-up works. Pop-ups will make your sign-up email level double and bounce-rate you worry about will not be too impactful.

The easiest way to add sign-up form is to use the free service from site. The service is completely free and relevant enough to be used on all types of sites.

Add More Email Signup Forms at Your Site’s Strategic Location

Content-rich information on your site is one of the best places to put signup forms to attract consumers’ attention. But most online store owners are less enthusiastic about their sign-up forms.

If you plan to increase subscribers in your mailing list, then make it clear. The most place places to display sign-up forms is above or below your site content.

And, below is an example of how sign-up forms are placed in a blog, and those placements are successful enough to attract attention.

Other Ways to Improve Email Signups

In addition to adding pop-ups and sign-up forms above or below your content, you can also consider loading slides-in. Slide-in is one good idea, because consumers who usually browse content or find product details on your site will be interested in seeing an animated form.

If you insist on not using pop-up form for your site, at least you can try slide-in. Basically, slide-in is not too annoying compared to pop-ups, and can be set to appear at the end of the page once you can be sure if the consumer is really interested in your site / offer.


Once you have successfully collected a number of consumer email addresses, the fun will start playing. At this point, you already have a license and a direct channel to the consumer in terms of sending your product and service information.

So, try to email regularly to consumers, to let them know where you are. The content of the email you send does not have to be about your product or service, but it can also be about the humanitarian programs you are running through your business or other personal matters that you can share. Now, you already have a number of your consumer email lists, that means you have lots of opportunities and opportunities in marketing!