5 Biggest SEO Mistakes by Ecommerce Owners and Online Stores

By | November 9, 2017

Unlike blogs or webites with one main topic (eg cooking websites, gadget websites, etc.), optimizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in online stores is much more difficult. Especially if the product you upload the amount is very much, it will be more and more problems caused.

Some online store owners may not care about this, so their SEO online store becomes very low and does not have a good ranking on search engines. Therefore, avoid 5 SEO mistakes that often occur in the following online stores:

8 Biggest SEO Mistakes by Ecommerce Owners

5 Common SEO Mistakes Experienced by Online Stores and Ecommerce Websites.

1. No product description

Online store owners are usually very excited when uploading the latest product, but are lazy to create product descriptions. Actually, if without a description then your product will be very difficult to occupy the first page of Google. Even if you use low competition keywords, still SERP (Search Engine Results Page) your online store will be very high. To avoid this you should take the time to create product descriptions with quality content.

If you have thousands of product pages, or have a lot of inventory, better consider hiding them from search engines. The point is you do not want that thousands of pages without the unique description is indexed by search engines. Because doing so will make your website look like generating thousands of simple webpages to increase SEO traffic. This is the thing you should avoid.

Better maintain your SEO performance by appointing best search engine optimization agency site in india which helps you in incorrectly optimize product pages and  analyse your spam content in search engines.

2. Copy the factory default description

If you want to know how to get a Google blacklist, then copy / paste other people’s posts without editing them first. Similarly on the online store, if you copy the default product description of the factory then Google will give a plagiarism flag on your online store. In addition, the factory default description also usually has a rigid language and does not sell so not suitable for use in online stores.

3. The product title is not unique

Another SEO problem that occurs in online stores is the title tag that is not unique. You may find it difficult to create a unique title tag considering there are so many similar items that you sell and even with the same brand. So you will repeat the same title multiple times. Google is usually very sensitive to things like this. Therefore, specify the product title uniquely. You should use a “brand – model – type” structure.

4. Product URL is perfunctory

The correct product URL is keyword friendly URL, that is with a neat format and contains the keywords you are targeting. Why use keyword URL products? The reason for that keyword friendly URL is semantic and relevant. Semantic means the user can know what the contents of the page they will click only based on its URL only. While relevant means the URL that you use also contains keywords that are in accordance with the product.

Notice the difference in the following, which URL do you think is best?



5. Duplicate content

Duplicate content is content that resembles or exactly matches any other content that exists on the internet. Even pages within a single website are prohibited from using the same content. Duplicate content of any kind should be avoided by online store owners so as not to adversely affect the search engines. To solve this problem, you can use robots.txt which will block duplicate content such as archives, tags, and pages, using canonical tags that will tell search engines what websites you want indexed, and add nofollow attribute to links leads to duplicate content.

As you know, Google is one of the search engines that care about the user experience. If the customer is happy then Google will like your online store. Therefore, you should avoid mistakes SEO online shop as mentioned above and immediately create a convenient online store and useful for customers. If you do not want to mess around with all this, then many seo company is ready to help you realize the website of SEO friendly online store!

Finally, people who like your website and your offerings are much more likely to connect to your website after  getting natural seo service in mumbai which will not only grow your business also boom your brand and as mentioned earlier, backlinks are the main drivers for your website to get to the top of the search result page.

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