Social Media VS Search Engine Which is Most Effective For Online Business

By | November 3, 2017

Maybe you’ve heard there is a sales workshop

“Twitter Marketing To Increase Business Turnover”

“SEO (Search Engine Optimization) To Increase organic ranking”

“Learn Easily Increase Turnover Through Social Media Marketing”

Social Media VS Search Engine

Social Media VS Search Engine

You need to be aware that your merchandise must be different from that of the trainer’s workshop, so the produce for the trainer does not necessarily produce for you.

If you have limited budget and time to CHOOSE learn social media marketing (Facebook / Instagram) OR learn search engine marketing (SEO / Google Adwords) which one are you prioritizing?

Is it because he said Instagram hit again and many online stores selling in IG then you focus on IG first? .. “depends”.

I suggest that you know some statistics about the following digital marketing strategies that illustrate a survey of the importance and effectiveness of the various tactics and strategies of digital marketing as a whole.

Please note that the following surveys take samples from abroad, because we do not have this survey data in India, but I think it is still very relevant in India

Digital Marketing Channel What Became the Largest Traffic Source For Websites

Traffic or visitors to a website (website = “home” for an online business) is like “blood” for business sustainability.

In terms of traffic contribution, Google contributes very much in comparison to Facebook and other sources. Even if other traffic sources combined, still can not beat Google’s traffic contribution.

I think this huge Google contribution is due to long tail traffic – please read other articles about long tail traffic. You will hear a lot of long tail from me.

Differences in Spread Distribution of Uneven Traffic Between Facebook and Google

Okay, in the previous charts Google looks to contribute almost 10x larger than Facebook (60: 6), how about we compare the contribution for the website is very large (top 10) to very small (10K +)?


The spread of Google traffic contribution can be fairly evenly in the range of 15 – 26% for all website sizes. This possibility is due to the long tail character of Google which makes playing field between SME and big company to be equal.

While the contribution of Facebook is very inclined for the website is very large, 42.7% for Top 10 and the smaller the website, its contribution becomes smaller. This 42.7% possibility is a branding activity (not conversion) for big brands (eg FMCG, banking etc.)

Benefit Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram)

Here is a survey of social media marketing benefits from Smart Insight in 2015.

The greatest benefit of the survey is “increased exposure”, while “improved sales” or sales increase is in the bottom of the survey.

What about the latest survey about the benefits of social media marketing?

Here is a survey from in 2016 which still has not shown a good position for social media marketing for “increased revenue”.

We are still waiting for further and up-to-date surveys of social media marketing because in 2016-2017 there are many new features in social media ads like Facebook and Instagram, such as retargeting / remarketing based on the time duration of visitors on the website that should help convert (regardless of how many SMEs know and use this feature?).

In order to be able to respond to this survey well and correctly, you are advised to read other tips from me about the benefits of social media marketing for business.

Ranking Level Of Interest Digital Marketing Strategy For Business

The following survey from oursocialtimes in 2015 to digital marketing consultants for UKMs in the UK, ” Which is more important between SEO, Email Marketing, PPC, Online Advertising, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing “?

The order is as follows:

Many UKM consultants in the UK consider content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and Email Marketing as the most important internet marketing activities in 2015.

PPC in this context is Google Adwords or paid ads on search engines, while online advertising is advertising on other websites, for example you advertise directly on or directly (not through google network advertising). Advertising on PPC as a whole is considered not too important a possibility because many UKM products in the UK that if advertised on Google will compete directly with a large UK marketplace that causes SMEs may not compete bidding with a large marketplace.

The sequence of importance of the SMB digital marketing strategy survey from the graph above is also illustrated from the other charts below with the question “How effective is the activity of digital marketing below”?

You may also be interested in Online Stores You Can Traffic From Where?

The following survey from Marketing Sherpa in 2014 surveys 4000 ecommerce owners worldwide.

Ecommerce Do you get traffic from where?

The highest answer is organic search.

The 2nd answer is email, but I think this email needs to be clarified because email is the mouth of all traffic coming to your website, you convert it into an email list.

From Kinds of Internet Marketing Strategies Above, Choose Where?

The results of the survey above is very visible “profitable” for search engines.

But you should know that what digital marketing channel you choose actually depends on your product.

If your product is not high (under 300 thousand), it has impulsive nature, maybe your stuff is interest based (eg the famous soccer player who has just moved club), or your trend, or market easy to target via FB (remember FB has 90+ targeting of age, gender, interest, jobtitle, relationship status that most search engines do not own) so this product is very suitable for sale on Facebook – but that does not mean you do not try the search engine channel as well.

If your product is not an impulsive product, it is a “need” product – instead of “want” – the customer only buys it if necessary: ​​for example you are selling a board flower … or a detective service then this product is very suitable for sale on search engines if you prioritize sales conversion – but that does not mean you do not try the Facebook channel as well to increase awareness.

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